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Danske træpiller hænger ikke på træerne... Fra en lokal dansk producent af træpiller. Prisen er god, og træpillerne er lavet af danske råvarer.
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Højhus af træ på 10 etager opført i Australien
Hvornår kan en 10-etagers bygning anses for at være den højeste i verden? Det kan den når den er lavet af træ.
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​Horse bedding

We are Denmark’s largest producer of wood flour and in our assortment you will see a variety of horse bedding and horse wood pellets for bedding in horse stalls. We are now pleased to have the ability of delivering horse bedding for stalls all around England. To find out more about our assortment of horse bedding and wood pellets for horse bedding, please see below.

Our horse bedding are produced only by high quality raw material, which gives a uniform product totally free of wood splinters. The horse bedding is the perfect underlay for the horse, as it minimizes resting marks and gives the horses ability to have longer laying and resting periods.

There are many advantages associated with using our horse bedding. Including:

  • Minimizing of labour hours when mucking out
  • Less flies because of the dry environment
  • ​A very environmental friendly and economical horse bedding
  • Lighter and more welcoming boxes in the stalls

We also carry wood pellets for horse bedding in our variety of products. It is also produced only by high quality products which also gives the horse a great underlay in the stall.

Quality requirements

  • Raw material: 100% pure beech wood
  • Water percentage: approx. 8%
  • Absorbency: Beech holds the best absorbency, almost the double as pine tree.
  • Efficiency: Because of the high absorbency the amount of usage is smaller.

When ordering horse bedding at Dansk Traemel you will always have delivery on whole pallets. We carry our varieties in both 23kg. bags or bigbags. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions in regards to delivery.

If you should have any questions both in regards to horse bedding or something else in our assortment, please do not hesitate to contact us right away. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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