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Vi forhandler Danske Træpiller
Danske træpiller hænger ikke på træerne... Fra en lokal dansk producent af træpiller. Prisen er god, og træpillerne er lavet af danske råvarer.
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Højhus af træ på 10 etager opført i Australien
Hvornår kan en 10-etagers bygning anses for at være den højeste i verden? Det kan den når den er lavet af træ.
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About Us

Dansk Træmel was established in 1994 and is a processing company.

The reason for starting Dansk Træmel was, and still

is, to ensure that the wood flour and sawdust in the

Mink and Food industry are used effectively and

ensure a good working environment.


  • To ensure a good working enviroment
  • To avoid wasting natural resources
  • To ensure the production of uniform

  • Top quality products

The target has therefore been from the beginning

to produce the best product on the market.

Large investments in a fully automated computer

controlled production plant were undertaken to

ensure the production of top quality products.

The production processes include various

grinding, sorting and dust-cleaning processes

in beech sawdust.

The raw materials processed by Dansk Træmel

are 100% pure beech sawdust, and Dansk Træmel

demands the same high quality of the raw materials

as it does to its own production processes.

Over the years Dansk Træmel has enjoyed a very

positive development. The production plant has

been continuously adapted and developed, and

the building extended. The factory and warehouse

halls now cover over 5,000 m2.

A double figure has been invested in the business,

and in 2006 production amounted to over 300,000

sacks using more than 8,000 tons of raw materials.

Characteristics of Dansk Træmel

- Many years of experience.

- Market leader.

- Thorought knowledge of the market and

the needs ogour clients.

- Uncompromising requirements of quality.

- Development orientated.

- Specialised production machinery.

- Professional network of dealers.

- Employees who are competent and

service minded.

Dansk Træmel A/S • Gl. Lifstrupvej 3, 6715 Esbjerg • Tlf.: +45 7516 8037 • E-mail: dt@dansktraemel.dk